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Post Labor Day thoughts

The penguin has something to say...


I was viewing old penguin dance videos that I made.  I remember, entertaing folks at work and all the dancing.  I am glad that I kept all the photos.  Haven't looked at them since leaving.  Just started eating popcorn this summer.  Not a whole lot but enough to gradually get rid of my supply.  Times are a changin'.  I have been reading how robots are taking away surgeons jobs plus in some countries, nurses jobs.  It is said how we are going to have so many people out of work due to automation and technology.  I watched a video on robots completely put a car together.  The only people involved were inspectors and people doing small final touches.  Probably the human involvement was 2%.  I still have anxiety and a lot of problems seeing.  I am very slow.  I can see where I am not wanted.  It's sad because I thought I had a place there until I decided to retire.  I didn't think that my poor mental health was going to retire me.  Now it would be physical and mental health.  I been looking at labor issues and especially with Labor Day behind us.  Much of it is not good.  There is a need for vital reform.  Many people that need to work will suffer.  There is little protection for workers now.  Most of the unions are gone.  Corporate greed can and has taking control.  What does this mean for most college graduates of today.  Low wages, no benefits or very few, high cost of living, student debt as well as consumer debt.  The United States government can and most likely will cut back on what they can because they feel the need to help every other country.  Well I think this is all good but we are in debt as a nation.  Alsp most countries will take the money but it may be used against the country.  Most countries probably don't respect the United States.  I think this is so tragic.  I love this country.  I don't have much money.  Well very little.  I dream about going to every state before I die.  I have been to Hawaii.  Now I need to get to Alaska and many others as well.  I would rather see this country before seeing others.  Now I don't dis any country.  We need to respect and tolerate one another.  No man is an island.  If I had the opportunity and the price was right, I would love to travel overseas.  However, with limited financial resources, my country comes first when it comes to travel.  Also I am very grateful to live here.  I love the state of Virginia.  I think it is beautiful.  I hope future generations will be able to say the same

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Hi Karen, what's cooking good looking? I was hearing about tropical storm Karen on the radio and it reminded me of you. Then I found your card in my summer stuff and then boom! Here I am ( :
Did you get some sweet footage from the festival?

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