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Volunteer at FloydFest

It was a positive experience for me. However, did not understand staff's role nor how things were managed. It is and should be a easy going working environment. Realize that no one will die if you have difficulty finding a particular requested brand of soft drink from a cooler by a festival attendee. Hopefully they won't go into anaphylactic shock & require emergency attention. I was always hard at work moat of my life until I just mentally & emotionally slowed down. I worked in the children's area on Saturday due to volunteer's having difficulty with the Friday night & Saturday continuos frequent rains! They either went home or were late? I had fun. The goal was to monitor for rough play or any questionable safety issue or potential injury. For example playing near a person on a swing. Correct children who throw the rubber balls from the boat deck. Had a few cases of adults smoking & playing in the boat. Reminded them politely of rule. Everyone cooperative. Really wonderful people at floydFest. General folks having fun & enjoying music. I hope to go next year. Lori volunteered at the administrative office.

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