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My younger brother calls me a 'professional volunteer'. I would rather be a part of something vs nothing. He spends most of his time in his oversized recliner and watches TV, sleeps and eats large quantities. How does he or I fall into these situations? I have been so severely overwhelmed when I was working that my body would shutdown! I slept most of the time when I was off. I knew my health couldn't keep pace. My anxiety was so severe that I tremor, had blurred speech and vision. If a patient kept screaming or yelling or had impaired safety judgment, I was unable to help them or my self. I could not control severe sweating when a patient kept on chattering when I had so many task to do. I had difficulty letting the person know that I was very busy and would want to come back to see them when task were prioritized and had some time. I don't give up easily. I want to be out there. Isolation is unhealthy.

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