Out Most of Day

I volunteered this morning for SPCA. Returned at 3 pm to eat. Getting ready to trap, neuter, spade & return cats back to the community. After lunch, went to Gordon Avenue Booksale. Books are half price. Very nice spring day.


Snow in spring

The snow is beautiful to see when it doesn't hamper movement.


Post Winter

Winter does not want to let go. We are having snow but it's not sticking to the roads! Having a good day. Went to CVS Pharmacy to get my medicines. Then to Kroger. Also, received the lightning cable from Monoprice.



I went to the gym yesterday & did 45 minutes on the elyptical. Then the weights. The weight machines are awkward but I am doing it. There is one room that has equipment that looks useless. Very few people spend time in that room. Haven't been a member long. Will need to observe the usage of this room & I plan to use it due to the un population!!!


Gold's Gym

I signed up on Wednesday March 12th for a year contract at 40 dollars a month. The manager stated that price is constant. Also there is a equipment upgrade fee every six months that applies to all members. I went away for a 5 day weekend. I actually started on Wednesday 19th with the health assessment. I have been every day since. The gym is closeby. I did an hour on the elyptical. I plan to do weights on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. As long as I am at home, go to gym to do aerobics. After March fitness, explore group exercises. Need to break the fatigue episodes & lethargy. Something is causing me to feel sleepy. I can't get the house clean. Have difficulty doing chores. My vision is blury. Takes time to get things done.